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To use the ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) you can choose between:

Purchase ASPS Protected Hosting

A simpler alternative that does not require a dedicated or virtual server. ASPS Protected Hosting mirrors your existing web site and is provided with a Control Panel to manage content, users and permissions. All plans provide for unlimited use without excess data costs.

ASPS Protected Hosting Hosting fee for 1 month   $45/month
  Hosting fee for 3 months   $35/month
  Hosting fee for 6 months   $30/month
  Hosting fee for12 months   $25/month
Account Setup Fee One-time setup fee   $65

Purchase ASPS Protected HostingWhen your order is confirmed you will be emailed the login details and instructions for using your new ASPS Control Panel. Note: An existing web site is required to provide the media content for the ASPS mirror.

Purchase ASPS Software for your web server

The ArtistScope Site Protection System (ASPS) is licensed per web site and may include a list of associated aliases of the domain. The license fee for ASPS software is a one time payment that includes free Web Browser upgrades and support for life. Available for all Windows and Apache web servers.

ASPS Server Software Domain license  $495
  Installed by ArtistScope  Free*
* Installation on your web server needs to be performed by the ArtistScope team to enable correct licensing. Installation is included for free but only for the first install. If your VPS gets reformatted you will lose your license data, we will have to install again and a fee may apply.

Note: A domain license can include all aliases and sub-domains when hosted on the same server.

Purchase ASPS OnlineWhen ASPS server software is always installed by ArtistScope support team to ensure that it is fully functional for your server type and that your site license matches the server.
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