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You can evaluate the ASPS Protected Hosting for FREE for 14 days:

  • Create a DEMO account here to explore the ASPS Control Panel using a 14 day trial account.
  • When logged in, see the "Demos" link in the top menu bar for some static examples.
ASPS Protected Hosting features:

Your ASPS Protected Hosting includes the following features:
  • Create and configure a copy protected mirror of your existing web site or select pages.
  • Copy protect all media that can displayed on a web page.
  • Monitor usage and statistics.

More information on how these services work can be found in the User Guide. See the Tutorial Video for setting up WordPress (same for all popular CMS).

Unlimited Use

An ASPS Protected Hosting account provides for unlimited use without data costs because the data intensive content such as images and video are provided directly from your web site. Only the HTML of your web pages is mirrored, leaving embedded media such as images, CSS, JavaScript, video and Flash to delivered from your web site or media server.


Note: to properly test video you need to use a Flash player on your pages because HTML5 is not supported. The reasoning is that the HTML5 player provides fullscreen and download buttons plus right click menu options which on first impression will undermine the integrity of our solution.

The pages to be protected need to be managed by referrer-checking to prevent direct (unprotected) access to the public. CMS like WordPress can use our Check-referrer plugin to nominate which pages must use ASPS for access (see below). This solution is unexploitable and also safe from packet-sniffers if your web site uses SSL.

Unfortunately PDF cannot be protected, even when embedded on a web page, while it can be displayed in the Adobe Reader. To properly protect PDF displayed via ASPS you can either use Copysafe PDF or another third party solution that converts PDF to HTML on the fly.

Check-Referrer Plugins for CMS

Check-Referrer add-ons are available for ASP, PHP and the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Drupal, Joomla, Moodle and WordPress. Click for more info about CMS Plugins for ASPS. See the Tutorial Video for setting up WordPress (similar for all coded websites).

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